What We Do

Welcome To Decklife Outdoor Concepts

We're a non-US based company involved in the design and manufacture of tasteful outdoor fixtures. Here, at Decklife, we always believe that the experience of true outdoor living begins with a basic but elegant rustic deck. We have designed our eco faux and genuine timber decks as exportable 'ready-to-assemble' kits in order to make it easy for you. We'll also offer FREE shipping to our next selected ports of call. We have committed to send 2 small shipments of Ez-decks to the United States due to arrive at the end of February and mid March 2022. First shipment bound for Long Beach, California (West Coast) and next one to Port of Virginia (East Coast). Pre-book now for a chance to lock-in lower prices and obtain tremendous discounts. With NO DEPOSITS necessary! Prices will gradually 'step-up' towards shipment arrival dates. You may choose to confirm your booking only when your shipment have set sailed. It's entirely risk free.