MOBILE USERS: Click Or Swipe For More Images. MINIMUM ORDER: 72 Sq. Ft. Deck Or Above * Pricing Based On $30 Per Square Feet (p.s.f.) * 1 Feet = 0.3 Meter, 10 Sq. Feet = 0.93 Sq. Meter * 1 Meter = 3.3 Feet, 1 Sq. Meter = 10.76 Sq. Feet * Install By: 1 Person

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Product Description:

Hybrid decks are a uses a combination of faux panel deck structure but top surface decorated with 100% genuine wood planks. The internal sub-frame uses durable coated steel material and will not be subject to rot or termites. Fiber cement panels replaces wood joists to support the wood planks. And since the wood planks remain on the surface and exposed to light, they will not make good breeding place for insects. The fiber cement panel underneath the wood planks also fully protects it from ground water evaporation. You can enjoy both the exotic look of real wood, and the low maintenance aspect of the deck sub-structure.

Product Features:

  • 'Leg Brace' Mechanism
  • Adjustable Deck Elevation
  • Gravity Auto-Lock Feature
  • 15mm Fiber Cement Panels
  • Belian/Cengal 18mm x 4" Planks
  • Tropical Hardwood Species
  • Planks Fastened Onto Panel
  • Panel Substitute Joist Support
  • PU Coated Steel Sub-Frame
  • Perimeter Side Skirting
  • Minimum Deck Height: 3 1/4"
  • Maximum Deck Height: 6 1/4"
  • Height Adjustment Leeway: 3"
  • 16" Deck Elevation Add-On Kit
  • FREE 12mm Slab Footers (X Set)
  • FREE 2" Leg Extends (Y Set)

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Wood Planks: 5 Years
  • Faux Panels: 7 Years
  • Steel Frame: 10 Years


EXAMPLE: Let's imagine your yard area to be 9ft x 10ft (90 sqft). The closest matching deck size would be 8ft x 10ft (80 sqft) using 5x4ft deck module combinations. Or for 8ft x 13ft (104 sqft) yard area, you would choose 8ft x 12ft (96 sqft) using 4x4ft modules as closest fit. Remember to only select a slightly smaller deck than all your available yard area, not bigger. For undecked areas, we recommend adding decorative garden stones as unique landscape elements.


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