Why Invest In A Deck

The term 'DeckLife' can literally be interpreted as 'The True Experience Of Outdoor Living Begins On An Elegant Wooden Deck!' Anyone can agree that the feeling of stepping onto a rustic-looking patio deck is incomparable to that of stepping onto an ordinary cemented tile platform.

The questions in everyone's mind right now would be... Are your decks expensive? Will they be worth my investment? A key point to note here is that an ELEVATED deck platform needs the underlying heavy-duty structures to cater for the minimum weight of ONE DOZEN ADULTS per 100 square feet area. That's almost 1000 kilos! And a significant COST to achieve that.

So we are not going to beat about the bush. Depending on the size, adding a deck to your home can be a small or large investment. But an investment on your part nevertheless. Why do we call it an investment? Because we think the benefits of a quality-made outdoor deck platform can be gained only over the long term.

Owning a deck offers you the advantage of converting your once idle yard space into an immediate extension of your home living area. So you can create an exclusive area for outdoor dining or entertainment. A place for relaxation. As well as covering up manholes, bald patches of lawn where grass won't grow, pesky wet puddles, etc. There are indeed a long list of benefits.

However, the greatest long term pleasure you will gain from owning a deck would be the endless imprints of joyful memories created there with your beloved family members and friends. As your kids grow up and friends get a little older, they will most likely remember the enchanting times they spent have on your deck. Now... can anyone really put a tangible price for those unforgettable memories garnered?

If you are living in a landed home, you are probably blessed with a remaining strip of greenery on your property. As our urban cities develop into concrete jungles, owning a garden or yard will soon be a rare home commodity. We feel that such valuable green spaces should be our responsibility now to preserve for future generations. And we strongly feel the last option the eco-conscious home owner should attempt would be to lay permanent concrete over their existing natural yard space.

Not only is concreting expensive and messy at the same time. But it would leave current and future home dwellers no room to grow a plot of organic veggies or maintain a utopia of natural green garden foliage. Trends for future homes are becoming more self-contained, not just in terms of efficient solar power generation, but in-situ small scale food production as well.

In the following sections, we will provide readers more explanations on the make up of deck costings. As well as offer prospective deck buyers useful tips on how to make the most of your current budget to invest in the outdoor deck platform of your dreams.

Extension Of Your Home

A patio deck is an extension of your home and living area. A real asset. Just like incorporating roof awnings or glass sliding doors as part of your housing budget. The costs of roof awnings and our decking system are, however, strikingly similar. So why would one be inclined to invest in awnings but reluctantly so when it come to decks? Remember, the value of your home shoots up with the inclusion of a usable deck asset. And you will have no shortage of ready buyers when time to sell your home. In addition, you can also opt to relocate decks to your new house. Or resell them on craiglist to recoup some of your initial investment. That's itself... translates to a huge discount on your original purchase.

Start Small, Grow Big

Please don't get carried away and start requesting quotes for huge area decks to cover all your yard areas. As with most financial decisions in life, it is best to start with a manageable smaller size deck, but cozy, and make increments from there. Our modular deck system allows you to conduct that easily. It will offer you a chance to get familiar with our pricing structures, fully test our deck quality, and allow you the opportunity to see if outdoor living suits your home lifestyle. And hopefully, have enough budget leftover to add on bbq grill, shade canopy or decorative landscaping elements.

Account For Inflation

How many times has this scenario happened to you? You made great plans for your home improvement. Talked to vendors, got your pricing and made the mistake of waiting a few months before you commit your purchase. But alas, when crunch time came to open up your wallet, guess what? Prices increased again. And you are no longer able to afford it anymore. In this post pandemic world after Covid and with the Ukraine war not making things easier, prices of raw materials just keep soaring. With no signs of relenting. Our advice is for you to not wait, and secure that purchase today.

Flexible Payment Plans

As of now, we are able to offer flexible or prolonged payment plans when you purchase our decks. Choose to pay by major credit cards. Alternatively, you can also choose to pay by PAYLATER, where you can stretch out your instalment payments over the course of 1-2 years depending on your credit score with Paylater. The first 4 months of instalments are interest free. Therefore, you are now able to get your favorite deck design and preferred size without having to bite a sizeable chunk off your current available cash budget.

Web Discount Coupon

Ordering decks from DeckLife is as easy as ordering food delivery. Our online ecommerce system has everything you need to order the ideal deck based on your requirements. If you like jig saw puzzles or lego, then you will not have a problem learning to place a deck order on our website. Simply select the required deck module sizes, correct deck elevation and required skirtings. In fact, customers who are competent enough to place web orders can receive discounts when they perform a checkout. Note: Pls make sure you enter your coupon code alphabets in BIG caps not small caps.