Assemble On Bare Ground. Minimal Digging.


Welcome to Decklife! We offer pre-assembled modular decks as choice of decking for homes or business. Modular decks differ slightly from traditional deck building. Forget heavy deck blocks or pails of gravel. Our proprietary adjustable foot supports saves you considerable time and effort when preparing your bare ground for your deck. It only takes 4 simple steps to achieve a fully completed deck within a few short hours. Convert your idle land areas at home into usable space today. Without need for permanent structures.

4-Step To Deck


Step 1

Place series of 1/2 inch :: 1x1ft special slab footings on soft or hard ground 4 feet apart. They act as ground support.


Step 2

Lay 4x4ft deck sub-frames on top of slab footings and interlock sub-frames with auto gravity-lock feature.


Step 3

Micro-adjust individual 4x4ft deck sub-frame leg elevations using twisting motions to establish 100% flat deck.


Step 4

Fasten top deck panels with simple tools and your deck is complete. Create rectangle, L-shaped decks, etc.

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